Legal Malpractice

Nobody wants to read about the honest lawyer ... If you want to sell books, you have to write about the interesting lawyers - the guys who steal all the money and take off. That's the fun stuff.

John Grisham


defending truth in the practice of law

Ancient Egyptians believed that upon death, the departed would appear before the ruler of the underworld, and in the presence of judges, have his or her heart weighed against the feather of truth. If the departed’s soul was unencumbered with sin, it's heart would be lighter than the feather and it could proceed toward eternal paradise. If, however, the heart proved heavier than the feather, the heart was immediately devoured. Thousands of years later, we still speak of being “lighthearted” or acting with a “heavy heart” and just as truth served as the pivotal measure in the weighing of the heart, so too does truth serve today in the realm of legal malpractice.

As professionals entrusted with the confidences and agency of their clients, attorney misconduct can have dire consequences for clients. Similarly, attorneys improperly accused of wrongdoing face serious economic and reputational consequences. At TMK, we are on the side of truth and have successfully worked not only to defend innocent attorneys wrongly accused by clients of wrongdoing but have also won millions of dollars for clients who were genuinely victims of attorney misconduct.

Regardless of whether you are an attorney requiring defense against a bar complaint or malpractice action or you are a victim of attorney malpractice yourself, the experienced malpractice attorneys at TMK can help you receive justice.

more than 5 million dollars in successful outcomes against law firms.

success in defending state bar complaints on behalf of attorney clients.

protection of attorney and privilege against harassment by law firm sued for malpractice.

Representative experience

Legal Malpractice

Success in obtaining multi-million dollar settlement on behalf of corporate plaintiff relating to securities errors committed by attorney defendants.


Successful dismissal of multi-million dollar claim for indemnity and contribution against corporate officers and shareholders.

Bar Defense

Success in obtaining complete dismissal of state bar complaint filed against innocent attorney by malicious former client.

legal malpractice

Success in obtaining dismissal of law firm's lawsuit of more than $500,000 in attorney fees against former corporate client.