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It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.

Sir Jonathan Ive

Here's to Better!

Not your parents' law firm

Behind every successful business and challenging legal dispute stands a strong, adaptive lawyer. At TMK we personify strength and adaptability – representing corporate, entertainment, and litigation clients with a forward-thinking legal approach that is critical in this transformative era of legal representation. Through a balanced combination of knowledge, skill, as well as sheer tenacity, we provide our clients with a refreshing perspective on managing their legal issues.

Collaboration flourishes at TMK, not merely as a byproduct of our work, but as a core foundation of our philosophy of representation. We listen to and learn from our clients while all the while remaining adaptive in an otherwise traditional, often stagnant, legal world. Our attorneys not only have years of legal experience, but also years of real-world, hands-on business and entertainment experience. As such, our teams have a personal and deep understanding of the complex dynamics of the corporate and entertainment environments. As aggressive and adaptive lawyers, our attorneys also have a deep appreciation and mastery of both the mechanics and art of litigation practice.

This substantial experience in corporate counseling, entertainment representation, and litigation advocacy enables our attorneys to take a broad view of the issues facing clients in order to craft legal solutions that best advance each client’s unique interests. After all, at the end of the day it’s not about us at all, it’s about our clients. To that end, innovation and efficiency are at the heart of our practice and we are routinely able to structure solutions in a way that maximizes business opportunity while minimizing disruption. TMK closes the deals that others can only dream to start.

All the while, we remain ever-mindful that law is a client-service business and everyone at TMK is staunchly committed to our clients and our community as a whole. We know that trust is earned over time, not given, and we work tirelessly to earn and keep that trust. Indeed, one of the very best indications of our capabilities and value is the satisfaction we bring to those who continue call on us for legal service year-after-year.

If you too refuse to settle for average and rather strive for the truly extraordinary, we invite you to become a client and experience the next level of legal representation.


We talk about attorneys that are deal makers and attorneys that are deal breakers. You need to know that Tamara, in particular, has been a salvation for this company.

Melvin Gagerman