Social Media Statement

History has long proven that social and political progress requires the right of free speech and expression. Indeed, many of the ideas and freedoms that we today take for granted were once considered dissident abominations. Often, it was only after decades (and in some cases centuries) of ardent criticism that change was effectuated.

We support the right of every person to freely express their opinions and beliefs, even those with which we may not agree. We believe that restricting a society’s voice to only those in current favor is a dangerous path and that any true right to freedom of expression must permit all opinions (including offensive ones) to be heard. With this in mind, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our use of various social media platforms. We have enjoyed communicating with our followers and friends and hope to keep our dialogue with you all alive and well, albeit in other forms. We look forward to continue hearing about your amazing developments and sharing with you our own.