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From corporate governance and shareholder rights to financing, employment matters, and everything in between, TMK is your corporate counsel.


Whether it is in court, mediation or arbitration, TMK has a proven track record of assisting clients achieve successful resolutions to their disputes.


Because we are designers, musicians, and artists ourselves, nobody understands the unique needs of creative-based clients better than TMK.

Professional liability

TMK routinely handles matters involving licensed professionals, including attorney malpractice complaints.

About us

We are a team of professional, energetic attorneys with years of both legal and real-world business and entertainment experience. Our track record says it all: not only do clients continue to utilize our services year after year, but we also routinely successfully go head-to-head against the nation's largest firms. For more than a decade we have proven that though we may be a boutique firm, we carry a very big punch. Let us prove to you why a bigger law firm isn't necessarily better. Small might surprise you!

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